“Thanks to our tireless search for the best cocoa beans in the world, we have discovered some exceptional ancestral criollos cocoa. Venezuela is the land of Criollo cocoa (white cocoa) grows, we discovered an extraordinary genetic heritage of absolute value”.

CAÑO EL TIGRE 80% is a dark chocolate which, due to its softness and aroma, is extremely delicate without any astringency. This Cacao Criollo Andino is also nick named “Cacao di Altura” as it is born in the Andes mountain, up to 700 meters above sea level, on the border with Colombia. The particular geographical position give to this Criollo an extraordinary elegance to release all the aromatic characteristic of freshness, making it unique. The “mazorca” has the classic shape of Criollo, very wrinkled with well-defined furrows, a slight “bottleneck” in the upper part called “Cundeamor”, with the most varied colors such as red, yellow and orange.



Ingredients: pure Criollo Meridegno cocoa mass, sugar. Minimum cocoa 80%.

May contain traces of NUTS and ALMONDS, LACTOSE, MILK PROTEIN.

Store in a cool dry place 15° – 18°C.

Made from sustainably grown cocoa from Venezuela.



Nutritional declaration Average values per 100g
Energy value 549 kcal – 2299 kJ
Total fats 43,2g
Saturated fats 25,9g
Carbohydrates 30g
Sugars 20,4g
Proteins 11,2g
Salt 0g


Dimension 80g: 19 x 11 cm h.0,3 cm

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