The delicious Maglio Quince Jam is made with quince, sugar and lemon peel.

It is solid given the high percentage of pure fruit used. The processing method is very accurate and cooking takes place in a water bath at a low temperature in order to enhance the organoleptic qualities and the ingredients of the fruit.

Maglio Quince Jam can be tasted on bread, with fresh and aged cheese and good dessert wines.

Quince, sugar and lemon Percentage of fruit: 90g fruit over 100g of product. Total sugar: 72g over 100g of product.


Nutrition declarations Average values per 100g
Energy values 308 kcal – 1288 kj
Total fats 0,3g
Saturated fats 0g
Carbohydrates 73g
Sugars 64,7g
Proteins 0,41g
Salt 0,07g


Box size 90g:

13,5 x 5,5 H. 3 cm

Box size 340g:

16,3 x 11 H. 4,2 cm

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