MAGLIO  jams and marmalades are absolutely organic and ready to taste!

To produce its jams and marmalades, MAGLIO uses fresh seasonal fruit, therefore some flavours may not be available during certain times of the year.

The fruit percentages are very high and are a guarantee of the high genuineness of the product.

The range consists of SEVEN different flavours:

  • PERATA with ‘Petrucine variety pears’ in pieces.
  • CHERRIES with ‘Ferrovia Cherries’ in pieces
  • MEDLAR in pieces.
  • COTOGNATA from quinces

Start tasting them now, you will feel the real taste of fresh fruit immediately on your lips!

Ferrovia cherries, sugar.

FRUIT USED: 175g per 100g of finished product.

Total sugars: 60g per 100g of product.


Nutrition declarations Average values per 100g
Energy values 250 kcal – 1047 kJ
Total fats 0,5g
Saturated fats 0,1g
Carbohydrates 60g
Sugars 55g
Proteins 0,5g
Salt 0,01g

Glass jar size:

Ø 7 cm H. 11 cm

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