“We went looking for the best Criollo cocoa in the world and found it on the north coast of Venezuela. On the Caribbean Sea near Chuao, we found the small Cuyagua community, whose 50-hectare Criollo plantation had been completely abandoned because it was not profitable.We immediately relized that it was a cocoa of extraordinary quality, with pure Criollo trees”.

CUYAGUA 100% is the King of “White Chocolate” and is the most prized cutting edge in the world. This Venezuelan Criollo Cacao is very rare, due to its extreme delicacy and sensitivity to the environment, and is considered the Cacao Blanchito. Cacao Blanchitois extremely difficult to find it and even more difficult to protect from natural hybridization. The different aromas of CUYAGUA 90% are the result of the perfect geographic location which this Criollo grows in: the climate is hot in the summer and humid and rainy in the winter; all marked by the Caribbean breeze and the freshness of the Andes mountains

CUYAGUA 100% it is white in colour, a genetic characteristic which underlines its purity and uniqueness. Its “mazorca” has the classic Criollo shape, very wrinkled with well-delineated grooves, bottleneck at the top, called “Cundeamor,” and bright red color. CUYAGUA 100% is a true explosion of aromas and flavors. All of them encase beauty of Cuyagua land.

Ingredients: pure Cuyagua cocoa mass.

Sugar free.

May contain traces of NUTS and ALMONDS, LACTOSE, MILK PROTEIN.

Store in a cool dry place 15° – 18°C.

Made from sustainably grown cocoa from Cuyagua – Venezuela community.


Nutritional declaration Average values per 100g
Energy value 623 kcal – 2572 kJ
Total fats 54g
Saturated fats 32,4g
Carbohydrates 12,5g
Sugars 0,5g
Proteins 14g
Salt 0,25g


Dimension bar 80g: 19 x 11 cm h.0,3 cm

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