Since 1875 the history of Maglio has been entwined with that of Maglio family.
The family have passed their passion and their know-how down through the generations, weaving inventiveness, affection and risk taking into their entrepreneurial adventure.

Maglio family business has been based in Maglie, in Apulia region, province of Lecce, since Antonio Maglio opened a coaching inn there in 1875. For over 145 years, Maglio family with talent and tenacity, increase their heritage, handing down knowledge and tradition from generation to generation.

Cioccolato Maglio is synonymous with tradition, innovation and research.

A can-do culture, respect for tradition, the value of authenticity: these are the values the company lives by.


The origins of our business

Maglio family having moved to Maglie (Lecce) from “Ariano di Puglia” in 1875 where it is still based today. It was Antonio’s talent and tenacy, leading the family to open a coaching inn, which lay the solid foundations for a brand which has survived and thrived through the decades, through wars, through changes in fashion and in society.


Keep up with the times

Following their popularity at the time, Giuseppe, Antonio’s son, opened a coffee shop and a bakery specialising in cakes and pastry food production, in the main square of the town.


Almond and chocolate join together

Dante, Giuseppe’s son, was the entrepreneurial son of an entrepreneurial father and was nicknamed ‘seven brains’. In the early years of the twentieth century, he added two new businesses: one was offering banquets and home catering; and the other was producing handmade liqueurs. He also discovered that chocolate used to covering the almond pralines, helped to keep them fresh for longer.


Our new Brand

It was thanks to this hard work that Vincenzo, Dante’s son, took over a solid organisation in the 1960s and was able to innovate further. He increased the company’s production of chocolate and cakes, he invented new recipes and expanded the range of items. He also understood the importance of making the Maglio brand immediately recognisable. Therefore, he decided to create a new brand using shape of carriage, in memory of first business opened by the founder Antonio. This new logo, will be the future brand of Maglio, and actually it still on each items.


More than 140 years of passion

Maurizio and Massimo, who now lead the Maglio group, have inherited not only a treasure trove of knowledge and values, but also the responsibility of ensuring the Maglio brand thrives both now and in the future, in Italy and around the world.


Our family business goes on

Starting from 2014 Vincenzo, Maurizio’s son, has been continuing of expanding Maglio business abroad, reaching the 6th generation of passion for chocolate.