Our tireless search for the best cocoa beans
is the first step for making highest quality chocolate.

Maglio chocolate production begins from the accurate cocoa beans selection, with more carefull to biodiversity of cocoa, to all supply chain and to cocoa farmer. Our chocolate experience allows us to make a highest quality chocolate.

Cocoa beans selection

The processing of Maglio cocoa begins in the countries of origin.
The first selection consists of a genetic mapping of the plantations, creating an inventory of all the highest quality Criollo plants. The harvesting, fermentation and drying processes are carefully controlled by our local agronomists. After routine checks, the cocoa beans are ready to be transferred to the port and shipped to Italy.

Shipping and cocoa beans cleaning

Once the container of cocoa beans has arrived in Italy, it undergoes chemical and bacteriological analysis. The local maritime authorities then issue “health clearance”, seal the container and authorize its transfer to Maglie, to the warehouse of Maglio Italian Chocolate (est.1875). It is at Maglio Chocolate factory, that all the stages of cocoa processing necessary to create an exceptional chocolate will take place. Here jute sacks, each containing 69 kg of cocoa pods, are unloaded from the container into a dedicated area and the Quality Control Department of the Maglio Chocolate carries out the first bacteriological and health checks.
The cocoa that passes these checks continues its journey into an area where the beans are cleaned and any impurities present in the jute sacks are eliminated. Following this, the beans are taken into the production plant to start the manufacturing process.


The first, and most delicate, step is roasting. It is here that our experience and skill anables them to enhance the aromatic characteristics of the cocoa.
We roast the cocoa at low temperature in order both to preseve and to enhance all the aromatic notes in Criollo cocoa without losing any of its sensory properties.

Cocoa breacking

We then proceed to the pre-refining of the roasted cocoa, in which three granite cylinders grind the cocoa beans to create the first cocoa mass.


The pre-refining is then put into the conch, where the main ingredients of chocolate, cocoa mass and sugar, are mixed. As Criollo cocoa is highly aromatic, we only leaves the chocolate in the conch for a short time.


The chocolate tempered is ready for being molded into different shapes or being used for covering pralines.