We produce our chocolate using sustainable way
enhancing the small local cocoa farmers.

Starting several years, Maglio Chocolate (est.1875) has lanched sustainable grown cocoa project directly into plantation, involving the community of cocoa farmer live there. Our mission is to enhance the work of smaller cocoa farmer, in order to sell it directly to chocolate makers without any intermediaries.

CUYAGUA - Venezuela

Venezuela is the land of great Criollos and it is here that we focus our quest, throught “Maglio Criollo Cocoa of Venezuela” project, to offer our customers the “fine de aroma de cacao”.

More than eighty varieties of Criollos offer unique aromas: from Cuyagua to the Sur del Lago, Porcelana, Chuao, Boccadillo, Guasare, Cano el Tigre and many others.
Their fruity flavour and the sensuality of their aromas are the hallmarks of a peerless chocolate with a delicate, longlasting taste.

About 5 years ago, Maglio Italian Chcocolate (est.1875) began “MAGLIO VENEZUELA CRIOLLO COCOA”, helping a small Cuyagua community, whose 50-hectare Criollo plantation had been completely abandoned because it was not protitable. We immediately realized that it was a plantation of extraordinary quality, with pure Criollo trees.

The project lanched by Maglio Chocolate
it mainly concerns:

  1. recovery of Criollo cocoa plantation
  2. helping the community to produce a cocoa of extraordinary quality, enriching work of small farmers.
  3. sell the cocoa produced directly to chocolate makers without any intermediaries.

1. Genetic mapping of cocoa plantations

Helped by agronomists from the University of Venezuela, we used genetic mapping to classify and recover all the Ocumare 60-66-77.

2. Maglio cocoa production process

Maglio Chocolate has developed a new system for processing cocoa, set on high quality standard, replacing the problematic methods being used. Maglio Chocolate supplyed fermentation tanks and built the cocoa drying patio, all under the watchful eye of the agronomists.

3. New expectation for the future

Five years later, as a result of the “Maglio Cacao Criollo of Venezuela” project, Maglio Chocolate has restored the plantation for the community of Cuyagua, giving them a source of life and of hope for the future. Currently Cuyagua community sell the cocoa direclty to chocolate maker, without any intermediaries, giving them everything they need to support themselves.


“Maglio Cacao Criollo of Venezuela” project, was also developed in Ecuador, the Esmeraldas region, which holds 96% of the native Criollo Cocoa of whole country.

For several years, Maglio Chocolate has launched a human capital enhancement project involving five indigenous communities alongside the Esmeraldas coast.

Maglio Chocolate was helped by the local agronomists, supporting the Chachi Cayapas communities to produce cocoa of extraordinary quality, following the Maglio method of processing cocoa.

As a result of Maglio Chocolate project, actually the hard work of small local farmers have been enhanced, selling the cocoa directly to chocolate maker giving them a source of life and of hope for the future.