Conditions of sale



These general sales condition apply exclusively to the telematic sale of products offered for sale in this website CIOCCOLATO MAGLIO.

The real object of these general sale conditions are placed to MAGLIO ARTE DOLCIARIA S.R.L., with registered office and headquarters in Maglie (LE), Via V. Zara, 2 (Zona P.I.P.), 73024, Company with sole director, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Lecce, CCIAA n. 244860 under Register of Companies of Lecce, tax code and VAT IT 03785660758


Supplier: MAGLIO ARTE DOLCIARIA S.R.L. whom owner of the products offered via Internet.

Buyer: Consumer, “natural person” that makes the purchase.


The products and the price on SHOP CIOCCOLATO MAGLIO website are a public offer accordance with the procedures specified  in the general sale conditions.

These sale conditions are applied exclusively to purchases on SHOP CIOCCOLATO MAGLIIO website and  the purchase contracts signed have the force of law with MAGLIO ARE DOLCIARIA S.R.L.


Under this contract, MAGLIO ARTE DOLCIARIA S.r.l. sell and the CONSUMER purchase through remote telematic instruments only the movable tangible goods available for sale on SHOP CIOCCOLATO MAGLIO website.

These contract between Supplier and Buyer shall be entered into exclusively over the Internet. To submit a purchase order for the goods available for sale, it is necessary follow the instructions contained on this website.

The purchase contract shall be deemed executed when the Buyer send the order confirmation and the payment confirmation. The order summary can be viewed on the relevant web page and shall contain: buyer’s personal data, order details, price of purchase goods, delivery charges, payment method and terms and delivery address.

Upon receipt of the Buyer’s order, the supplier shall send him a confirmation e-mail, containing the payment confirmation. The Buyer shall receive an e-mail containig the delivey confirmation and a link in which it will be possible track the delivery.

The contract is deemed to be entered into and effective only upon execution of the payment and the issue of the relative invoice. Until then, MAGLIO ARTE DOLCIARIA S.r.l. has the right to refuse the order. The invocie is issued by MAGLIO ARTE DOLCIARIA S.r.l. and it will be put inside the box.

All the sales documentation, communication concernig payment and delivery, are in English language.


All prices of goods listed and available for sale on this website are an offer to the public pursuant to art 1336 C.C. and are inclusive of VAT and other taxes. All prices indicated on SHOP CIOCCOLATO MAGLIO website are valid up to the date of order placement. It is understood that prices are subject to change at any time at Supplier’s sole discretion.

Shipping charges shall be calculated and indicated by Buyer through the purchase procedure prior to submitting the order and can be viewed on the order summary page.


Purchase order might be made on-line. It is necessary to select the product to buy, make the confirmation of the purchase order and then make the payment.

An e-mail of order and payment confirmation will be sent to Buyer’s e-mail address.

It is very important check with care all the information left during procedure order. In case of any changes or other information relevant to the shipment, the Buyer shall, within 24 hours of receipt of payment communication, inform the Supplier by writing to the following e-mail: In the event that Buyer fails to communicate any relevant changes, the order will be delivered to the address indicated, exonerating the Supplier from any liability and extra charges for wrong delivery.

To ensure the freshness of MAGLIO’s products, the Supplier makes available small batch production, so it could be possible that the availability subject the change. However, it is possible to take the product through the procedure “Richiedi”, filling in all the fields provided by the system and forwarding the request to the Company Seller.



It is not possible to make changes in autonomy, because of automated service.

The Buyer could cancel the purchase order before making the payment.

Once the payment will be done, the purchase order will not be able to change it or cancel it.



It will be accepted payments only through major Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express).

Credit card data is managed directly by Unicredit Group S.p.a. who specialized in online payments. For reasons of security all the information concerning the payment are protected by means of next-generation encryption systems that prevent unauthorized use of such data by third parties and is forwarded directly to the bank. Supplier reserves the right to request authorization from the credit card issuing bank to verify ownership and authenticity of the credit card in case problems are encountered.

For the standard sanitation purposes in food safety, all products purchased on the website WWW.CIOCCOLATOMAGLIO.IT can not be replaced, but it is necessary to proceed with a new purchase.



The order delivery is done by DHL-LOGISTICS courier. The order will be delivered strictly to the address indicated by Buyer and at the time of delivery is strictly required the presence of Buyer or a person of trust shown by the latter, in order to check the integrity of the products and the correct data on the purchase invoice. In case of erroneuous quantity and/or product, Supplier ask to Buyer to make the reporting of these anomalies immediately by writing to the address: Buyer must indicates his/her name, the shipping address, order number, a valid phone number and the anomaly highlighted.

Delivery time are at least (five) 5 working days upon payment. However the delivery time can change depending on the fact not directly controllable and not attributale it to Supplier.

In case of impossibility to make the shipment within the terms above, Buyer will receive an e-mail in which will be provided information about the deadline of the order.



The order will be shipping by formula DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), and Buyer will receive the order directly to the place of delivery indicated in the purchase of the products, without having to pay additional cost to those already paid at the time of order confirmation, except as written in the letter “I – DELIVERY”. In case of goods shipped in a Country outside the EU, before placing an order it is recommended to enquire about the restrictions on food products that are in force in the country of destination and in any case it is not available to deliver the goods in a non-European Country.

Freight cost is an expenses of Buyer and is adequately highlighted during the procedure of purchase. Freight cost are calculated and based on the total weight of parcel.

Upon delivery Buyer will receive an e-mail of delivery confirmation.



Supplier guarantess timely processing and execution of orders through a telematic system. In case of quantity not available on this website, Buyer will be able to ask it by clicking on “Request” and fill in all the fields provided. Buyer will receive an e-mail in which is indicated the date from which the product is available again.



Supplier shall not be held liable for anexecutive within the terms under this contract due to force majeure events and it shall not be held liable for any ensuing problem or loss suffered by Buyer. Supplier shall not be held liable towards Buyer, save for cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, web failure or malfunctions beyound Supplier’s or sub-suppliers’ control. Also Supplier shall not be held liable for any damage, loss or extra charges suffered by Buyer in the event of failure to execute the contract due to causes not attributable to the same, given that Buyer is only entitled to claim refund of the full price paid for the product. Supplier shall not be held liable for any fraudolent or illegal use – by unauthorized third parties – of credit cards upon payment of the purchased products, provided Buyer is able to prove that all possible precautionary measures were taken according to the standards of ordinary diligence.



Under the right circumstances, refunds will be made to Buyer by transfer of credit card payment, within 15 (fifthteen) days from the date on which Supplier became aware of the causes that gave Buyer the right to claim a refund. Upon Buyer make the payment, it will not be able to ask for refund, except of circumstances specified in this section.



All the communication will be addressed using the post-sales service available at SHOP CIOCCOLATO MAGLIO, filling all the fields request. It is also possible write to the e-mail: CUSTOMERSERVICE@CIOCCOLATOMAGLIO.IT to report any defects of the products purchased from this website, as long as long as the cause is attributable to Supplier.

All data contained in this website is processed in accordante with the rules on protection of personal data under art.13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments.



Buyer agrees to pay the price of the products purchased in this website in the manner and times indicated in these Sales Condition. Buyer also agrees to keep the confirmation e-mail of the order and payment confirmation, as well as to preserve the order summary from the web page of this website.



Confirmation of payment automatically implies the acceptance by Buyer the General Sales Condition for online purchases on this website.

These General Sales Condition may be updated and/or modified directly with the transcription of the new rules in this site.

All changes will be effective for purchase order not yet forwarded and for which the payment has not been made yet.


Any disputes arising out of or in concerning with this contract shall be settled by the competent court of Lecce, in case the Parties agree to submit such disputes to an ordinary Court.

This contract is governed by Italian Law.